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Summer Fashion Plugs.

Fashion trends change with seasons, and now that we are approving a new season, summer, we need to revamp our wardrobes. Summer is known for vibrant colours, bold prints, shorts and mostly sandals however there are people who prefer wearing kicks even if it's summer.

Two of the most successful shoe brands Fila and Nike created sandals that are going to be loved buy sneaker heads and lovers that don't necessarily like regular sandals.

Fila disruptor II beach sandals.

The Fila disruptor II beach sandals were designed like the Fila disruptor II sneakers. They have the same raggedy look with their spikey sole and they are also aesthetic pleasing. These beach sandals are comfortable and can be worn by both sexes, anywhere. This type of sandals are one of the most trending shoes this summer, I've seen people like Frypan wearing them. Get these Fila disruptor II beach sandals for only R1,500 including delivery, they come in different colourways and sizes.

The white Fila disruptor II beach sandals colourway.

[ The white, red and black colourway. ]

[ The all white colourway. ]

[ The black and white colourway. ]

Nike Off-white x Vapour max beach sandals.

These Nike beach sandals are a combination of the Nike Off-white and Vapour max. If you are a Nike lover then this beach sandal was specially designed for you, it has the same comfort, look and design as the Vapour max sneakers. These are the sandals you need to be wearing this summer, they make bold statements and break necks. You can also get them for the same price as the Fila disruptor II beach sandals including delivery as well. Make sure you get these to make your summer looks go from ordinary to jaw dropping.

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